Sunday, April 27, 2008

Christening Day!

Beautiful Baby
Auntie Krissy getting Kate ready! Putting on the beautiful pin & bracelet she bought Kate
Daddy helping Kate too!
Mommy dressing Kate
At the church!
Godparents: Uncle Philip & Auntie Corinne

Rev. Peggy getting ready to bless Kathryn
Beautiful Picture of Kate & Peggy
The Murphy's & Rev. Peggy
The Godparents
Baby Kate
Katie & Auntie Ellen
Katie slept through cutting the cake at her party
Katie & Merrie! Pretty in Pink
The Murphy Family
Katie & Big Brother Justin
Katie & Papa
Beautiful Tulips from Auntie Ellen!
Kathryn & Her Godmommy

Kathryn was baptised on Sunday 4/13/08 at The UCC in Burlington. It was a beautiful service, that brought tears to my eyes. Kate wore the same gown that I were 27 years ago. We had a beautiful day with family and friends.

Kate's 1st Babysitter!

All the gear!
Kathryn & Auntie Kris
Katie & Merrie
Bedtime Stories
On Saturday Mike & I had a Jack & Jill shower to attend. We asked Krissy if she wouldn't mind babysitting...of course we all know what her answer was. ( What would we do without Auntie Krissy?! I don't ever want to find out! We love Auntie!) Anyway, this would be the 1st outing that Mike and I would be doing together, alone without our princess! We are completly confident in Krissy's ability to take care of Kate, but I still cried when we left. Here are a few pictures from the event. Did I mention that Kris is the best she even took pictures for Kate's scrapbook!

Kathryn's 3 month Monkey Pictures

Sorry... I am a little behind on the blogging! Here are Kate's 3 month Monkey pictures! Even though it is now time for the 4 month ones!!! Where is the time going?!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kate's Nursery

Just wanted to post some pictures of Kate's room. I have dreamed of creating this room for our little princess, and had a lot of fun making this dream come true. It's perfect!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Put Me In Coach...I'm ready to play!

Here is the Littlest Red Sox Fan! It was too chilly to head in to Fenway today...soon enough! My Dad Katie's Papa is already talking about taking her to her 1st game! We are hanging out watching the game...thought I would put Kate's cap on for Good Luck!! GOOOOO SOX!!!!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Katies Getting Big!

Kathryn is such a sweet hear her cooo and see her laugh melts our hearts. We have yet to capture enough of her sweet smiles on film...we are too busy smiling back at her to remember to grab the camera. We have started to put her in her Bumbo seat...which is great since it allows her to sit up a bit more. Soo cute.. I will set it on the table with me while I scrap. I look forward to the days when Kate and I can craft together!