Saturday, June 21, 2014

Katy Girl Update


As most of you know Katy had her Cath on Thursday 6/19 and the results were pretty much what we expected… in that there was no real change.  The heart is still stiff the pressures are still way to high and her heart is working much to hard.  Her biopsy came back showing zero rejection and while normally I would be ecstatic with that I was really hoping that it would show rejection. Rejection, we can treat that and blame it for her high heart rate and stiff heart. The fact that the biopsy was clean means we need to run more tests and try to figure out if this heart is fixable or if we need to relist for transplant. 

Katy was started on Milrionone and Dopamine in the Cath lab and sent up to the Cardiac ICU with a central line placed in her neck.  ( needless to say she is uncomfortable and wants the line gone. however, it is the weekend and we are at the mercy of the PICC line team) Katy was given a blood transfusion and a few doses of IV Lasix… the plan for now is to dry her out and rest her heart (Milrionone) Early next week she will go back to the cath lab to check her coronary arteries and will also have a cardiac MRI unfortunately Katy is too sick to be under anesthesia for the length needed to perform both procedures so she will need to go under twice.

All of this information will be used to make an educated decision on the best move forward.  We have two options and it is a a 50/50  chance on which way this will go.

1. Is that the MRI shows that there is too much damage done to this heart from its repeated episodes of rejection and infection and it is unlikely it will recover and we need to relist.

2. The Cath shows that Katy has Transplant coronary artery disease (TCAD) and we will relist

or 3.

Everything looks OK…meaning the MRI shows minimal damage to the heart and Katy does not have TCAD and in that case we wait and see and give this precious heart more time to heal. Which more than likely means long term Milrione.

None of the options are ideal… obviously given the three choices I am hoping and praying for #3.


stitchhappy said...

Such tough choices and all with so many risks. My heart and thoughts are with you as you continue to fight for Katy. Prayers being said for the entire Murphy family. This has to be a very difficult set of circumstances to deal with after things had been going so well. Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted. Sending hugs and all the love your heart can hold.

The DuBois Family said...

Love you. Sending prayers

mom2joy said...

Thanks so much for updating especially when it seems that it means you have to post such difficult words. I keep Katy in my prayers, as well as your family. She is such a sparkly little soul. I, too, would love to think that her little heart can heal with rest. "God of mercy, hold her in love."

Carolyn (in Las Vegas)