Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Hope You Dance


Three years ago I was frantically calling local dance studios in March looking to find a studio that would allow Katy to join this late in the year.  I needed her to experience dance… Katy was newly listed for transplant and I had this bucket list of things I needed her to experience… or more likely I needed to experience.  I didn’t know what the future held… I just knew we had today.  The first studio I called basically laughed at me… they didn’t understand the need for the experience I didn’t care if she was in the recital… I just wanted to see my baby girl in a tutu. I called another studio…and it was just the studio for us.

I called Catch the Funk and was lucky enough to get through to Miss Sharon the studio owner.  I gave her the brief story of my girl… and with a crack in her voice as she spoke through the obvious lump in her throat as she was clearly moved by Katy’s story she said ABSOLUTELY!  Don’t worry about anything… I have ballet slippers at the studio… just come.  We’ll see if she likes it and go from there.



The moment I met Sharon I knew she was an amazing person… She cried with me as we watched Katy girl smile a smile so big… it was then that I knew it was for Katy as much as it was for me.  Katy LOVED and continues to love dance class.  Miss Sharon, Miss Paula and Catch the Funk dance studio is such a safe fun place for Kate.  Over the years the love and generosity they have given our family is more than I can ever repay.  The warm smile that is always awaiting Katy is such a comfort for all of us. 

Katy has been sick a lot of this year… and has had to miss a lot of dance.  It’s always a disappointment when she is too sick or in the hospital on dance days.  But with her hard work and the dedication of Miss Sharon she learned the dance for the recital and had her moment to shine.



Katy LOVES being on stage…she just shines.  Her smile is contagious and for that three minutes I am elated.  The smile is stuck on my face for all of recital day.  I cry… I laugh and most of all I am thankful that Katy has another opportunity to do what she loves.


Looking forward to next year!!


Anonymous said...

She looks like a cute little Marshmallow...I could just squeeze her to piece's..Love ya all Jo

mom2joy said...

I agree, she is so cute! So glad she can get to dance when she is able and that the studio is so welcoming to her and all of you. Thanks for posting.

Carolyn (in Las Vegas)