Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday to Me!


Today was my 28th birthday! My 1st birthday as a mommy. I had a great day with Mike and Kathryn. Later my dad treated my sister ( her 18th birthday is 9/22) and I to a birthday dinner with family and friends. We had a great evening!

Friday, September 12, 2008

A day at the Park

Today we went for a walk to the park. It was a beautiful day, the kind of day that was bright and sunny, but you needed a sweatshirt. My favorite kind of weather. This was Kathryn's first official day at the park. We went on Mother's day, but that was more for mommy then for Kate! Kate had a blast on the swing, I think you could say that was her favorite part. She was laughing and smiling the whole time. She even cried when I took her out. I have a feeling we will be spending many afternoons at the park.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Summer Collage 2008

Just some of my favorite pictures from the Summer of 2008!

Kate tries yogurt for the 1st Time


Today we gave Kate her 1st taste of YoBaby yogurt! She was a little unsure at first, but was looking for more once the container was empty!

Last Beach Day of the Year!


I'm pretty sure today was our last day at the beach! We had many fun days in the sand and sun with Kate this summer. We headed to Walden Pond for one last swim today. Looking forward to fall... ( it is my favorite season), but also sad to see our beach days come to an end. Next year our days at the beach should be interesting with two under two!
Kate not so sure about sitting in the water!

She prefers just to get her feet wet!

It's A Boy!!!


Today we had our big ultrasound... IT'S A BOY!!! Patrick Michael is due to arrive on January 25th 2009! He is measuring right on time, and looks FANTASTIC! Best of all he has a healthy heart! We are very happy as it completes our family. ( I was really hoping for a boy)

18 weeks pregnant with Patrick Michael
Blue toes in honor of our Baby Boy!
A sneak peek at the little guy!


Today we headed to the Southwick Zoo. It was Katie's 1st time at the zoo. Mommy definitely had more fun then Katie : ) She enjoyed just being out and about. It was a beautiful zoo, and some place we will be visiting again.

Katie & Daddy feeding the deer

Mommy & Kate at the petting zoo, feeding the baby goat

Lion & Daddy & Katie

Katie & a Monkey
The Deer area was my favorite

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy 8 Month Birthday Katie


WOW!!! 8 Months! Where does the time go? In some ways it seems like Kate was just born, in others I can't remember what life was like without her.
I imagine pretty boring.
She contines to amaze us each and everyday and remind us how blessed we are to have her in our life. We went the cardiologist this week, and he is very pleased with how well Kate is doing. She is gaining weight and growing strong, developmentally she is right on track. As for her heart, its still "funky" but its working for her and for that we are all grateful.
What Kathryn is up to:
  • She is sitting up on her own
  • She rolls from one side to the other easily ( you never know where you are going to find her in the crib in the morning)
  • Kate enjoys eating finger foods, Ritz crackers, bread, french fries, cucumbers, and pizza crust
  • Katie loves to babble her favorite word is DaDaDaDa...( we are working on mamamama)
  • She Loves to play with her toes, often sticking them in her mouth!
  • She has shown a little of her temper!
  • She loves playing in her excersaucer.
  • We introduced the sippy cup, she thinks it a great new toy.
  • Katie loves going for walks.
  • Katie loves bath time, which reminds me its time to take new tubby pictures. She loves to splash mommy & daddy.
  • Katie is starting to enjoy playing with Shelby, he has also learned that she drops her crackers often.
We are just loving life and loving our little girl! I always wanted to be a mommy, I just never knew it would be this wonderful!

A little video clip...Kate was very vocal during her 8 month monkey photo shoot!

Friday, September 05, 2008

North End Feast


Today we all headed in to the Boston's North End. We had a great day playing tourist. We are so lucky to live so close to such a great city. Kathryn played her 1st carnival game and was very lucky, she won a big prize, playing Pick a Duck! We had fun walking around, tasting the food and listening to the live Italian music.

1st Time with a Sippy Cup


While Katie & I were at Babies R Us today we picked up a sippy cup. It's just about time to introduce it to her. ( I know can you believe it) We even found one in her colors!!! Pink & Green She didn't really know what to make of it.

A little video clip... she is just starting to get the hang of it!