Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Random Pics of Kate

Happy Father's Day Mike!!!! You are an amzing dad & Husband!!! Katie & I are lucky girls to have you in our life! We hope you had a great Day!!! We Love You! ~ Your Girls xoxoxo

June 2008 Solid Foods!

Well we started Kate on solids a few weeks ago just a teeny tiny bit of cereal... Today we intoduced Sweet Poatoes!!! She loved them! She is a great eater!

June 2008 At the Lake!

Well it's been HOTTTTTT!!!! HERE! We went to a local lake to get some relief from the heat. Arlington Res...(our favorite place to go) was not open yet. So we had to find another spot. At first Kate was not so sure about the water. Once in though she began to enjoy it. She actually fell asleep while floating in Mike's arms!! Too Cute!

June 2008

Katie & Daddy outside the Shannon Door
Kathryn & Nora
Nora, Mike, Kathleen, May & Kate
May & Kate

We headed up to North Conway for the weekend! We went to daddy's Aunt & Uncle's Yummy Pizza place The Shannon Door!!! They have the BEST pizza! We were able to introduce you to your great aunt Tess and Great Uncle Tommy! Your Second Cousins Nora & Kathleen and your 3rd cousin (is that such a thing?) May. It was great to see them and spend time with them even though it wasn't very long! Maybe next year you will be old enough and we can take you to Storyland with all the cousins!

5/28/08 Big News for The Murphy's!

Yup, you read that right!!!! Kathryn is going to be a big sister!!!!

5/20/08 Happy 5 Month Birthday!

Can you believe Kate is 5 Months Already!!!! She is Bigger then her monkey!!! We are loving every minute of watching her grow!!!

May 24 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!! The Murphy's headed down to the Cape to take some pictures by the ocean! While down there we bumped into my firend Ellen's Mom. She invited us back to her Family BBQ. We had a fun time with her and her family. Only thing that was missing was Auntie El.