Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

Oh, 2010 I am so happy to pack you up and KICK you out the door!

2010 wasn’t all horrible, it actually had some pretty awesome moments. I grew as a person, wife, mother, friend and daughter. I was challenged and faced with obstacles I NEVER thought I would face. I rewrote my hopes and dreams. I prioritized what was really important, and what was not. I learned that I am a fighter and I can and will do whatever it takes. I learned to rely on others and accept help. My faith in humanity was renewed. I learned who my true friends are and those who were not. ( I need another word for learned)

I met some amazing people, some of who I never physically met, but who have prayed for us and got me through some dark times. I reconnected with some family, that have proven to be a huge source of comfort and support. I loved my family more than I thought was humanly possible. I stopped to soak in the moment…be it bath time, story time, dinner, or late night cuddles with my husband. I ‘ve learned that sometimes I just need a day to cry and be off, and that its OK for those days to happen, but not to let them consume me.

So really I have a love/hate relationship with 2010. I think 2011 is going to prove to be just as trying, in a whole new way. Regardless, 2010 has given me the knowledge and strength to take whatever 2011 has in store.


Patrick turned one!


We took Katy to Disney on Ice on Valentine’s Day

Mike and I celebrated 8 years of marriage


Katy started drop off play group with early intervention

We visited our cousins in NH for St. Patrick’s Day

Patrick had his 1st hair cut


Katy fell at the playground and ended up with 1 staple in her head.


We celebrated Logan’s Birthday Party

Another wonderful Mother’s Day

Mike surprised me with a trip to visit my Auntie Cheryl

Patrick and I headed to North Carolina

Lots of Bbq’s for Memorial Day


6/1/10 Our world was rocked to it’s core. Kathryn has a Cardiac Cath and MRI on the 1st and the results showed that her special heart was failing and her care was passed on to the Transplant team at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Mike celebrated his 52nd birthday with family and lobsters!

Katy fell and needed stitches.


Patrick said Katy!!!

Katy had an NG Feeding Tube placed

Katy was listed for a heart, status 1b on the 29th of July


Keys for Katy benefit at The Shannon Door was a great success! Still so very Thankful!

Make A Wish came out to grant Katy’s wish to go to Disney!

Back to NH to visit with Cousins and celebrate our newest cousin Nia’s Christening.

We celebrated Sierra’s 1st Birthday

Katy had G Tube Surgery

Patrick fell and ended up needing 5 staples in his head.

1 month on transplant list


Katy’s story is airing on local radio stations and in many newspapers

Amiee celebrated her 30th BIRTHDAY

Katy’s Make A Wish trip to Walt Disney Word

2 months on transplant list


WBZ 4 did a story on Katy

Our cousins hosted another benefit for Kate! Great to have so much support and love!

Katy gets G Tube infection

We lost one of our favorite aunties! RIP Auntie Cheryl

Katy and Patrick were Mickey and Minnie for Halloween!

3 months on transplant list


Quite month

Thanksgiving celebrated with family and friends!

4 months on transplant list


Katy had G tube surgery again… peg to Mic Key NO ADDMISSION

Katy turned 3 and had just as many birthday celebrations!

Katy’s tube infected AGAIN!

Christmas was AWESOME!

Blizzard of 2010 was spent at Auntie Krissie’s complete with sleepover!

Disney Princess’ on Ice

5 months on transplant list.

Our year in photos:

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From our family to yours I hope that the new year makes all your dreams come true ( or a few anyway)

Much Love,

Amiee, Mike, Katy & Patrick

Christmas Morning…Magical

Ah, I have always loved Christmas Morning! Your living room is transformed into a twinkling magical place.  That any other time would look like a cluttered mess, but on Christmas morning it is nothing but magic…gorgeous, beautiful, take your breath away. 

Christmas with two babes is the above times 10 since you add their smiles, and twinkly eyes and there you have it… magical.



Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

Usually on Christmas Eve we host dinner.  We always have homemade (by Mike) raviolis.  We started doing this, because Christmas Eve is when we usually celebrate with Mike’s older children ( if they happen to be in the country Winking smile and whoever happens to be around usually my mom, sometimes Krissie.   

Anyway this year due to scheduling we celebrated Murphy Christmas early and had ravioli then.  So for Christmas Eve it was just us and my mom. I was going to just make some apps and hang out.  My mom suggested going out to eat, to make life easier! What a great idea! It was nice not to have to spend all day cooking and all night cleaning.  After dinner we came home for presents!!





After we opened all our fun gifts from nana and Uncle Joey!  It was time to read “T’was The Night Before Christmas” read by Daddy from the very same book that was mine when I was a little girl.


Then it was time to leave out the cookies we baked for Santa, a tall glass of Milk, and carrots for the reindeer, well except Vixen.  I heard he doesn’t like carrots.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! 



The Murphy’s