Friday, July 26, 2013

Rejection Take 1

Admission Day 2- Katy is being treated for rejection. The kind of rejection she has at this time is unknown. There are two possibilities, Cellular and Humoral (antibody). 

What we do know is that Katy’s heart is extremely enlarged. This was evident both on x-ray and echo.  She has a gallop that is heard on physical exam that was VERY concerning to cardio.  The pressures in her Right ventricle are high and her heart is working very hard to squeeze in addition to that she has a leaky valve.

What is the plan?

As of now we are treating Katy for both forms of rejection until the results from her biopsy are back later today.  We won’t know until she is biopsied again in two weeks if irreversible damage has been done to her new heart.  She is being given high doses of steroids, started on IVIG treatment, Milrionone to support the heart and Lasix to help get any extra fluid off. 

How did this happen?  What caused Katy to reject her new heart?

It’s really not a how or a why…it’s more like a when would it happen.  Katy’s body is going to forever try to reject this heart.  Her body will always see it as foreign.  We try and trick her body into accepting this heart by giving her antirejection meds.  That are very carefully balanced and easily thrown off by a subtle weigh gain or an illness.  It is impossible to prevent rejection…it is part of the journey.

What is the risk to Katy?

The risks are very scary.  Right now Katy has a fragile heart that is not working well.  So the main risk and most scary risk is cardiac arrest.  That is why we are in the ICU. Additional risks are irreparable damage to her new heart.  This would be devastating, and unlikely given that we hopefully caught it early.

How is Katy feeling?

If it wasn’t for a high fever ( most likely unrelated to her rejection) we wouldn’t have known Katy was sick.  Currently she is extremely agitated and easily aggravated mostly attributed to the high doses of steroids and being stuck back in the hospital.  Who could blame her. She has a central line in her neck which is extremely uncomfortable… but other than that she is doing OK.

How are you and Mike?

Mike and I are fine.  We are back in survival mode.  Kind of can’t believe that this is happening.  Disappointed and discouraged, but haven’t had a whole lot of time to think about it.

Where is Patrick?

Patrick is going about his day at school and will be loved on by the grandparents! He was here with us the WHOLE day yesterday and was such a good kiddo!   Love that boy!

What can I do?  What do you need? 

You can pray for a quick recovery for Katy Girl! Right now we don’t need anything if that should change we will let you know.







McKay Family said...

Praying for Katy and the family! I do have to say though, that the strength I "hear" in this post is great! You are one of the strongest women I "know"...hugs to you!

Lainey's Crafting Adventures said...

Praying for you all and the medical team to figure it out quickly!!!

Taniesa Vlasak said...

Amiee I am so sorry you all are going though this again. I am praying for sweet Katy and I will pass on her name to anyone who can lift her up in prayer. I pray for strength for you as well. Hang in there and honestly if there is anything big or small I can do please let me know. Love and hugs!

IslandV said...

Praying for Katy and the family Amiee that all rectifies itself and that she comes out stable and stronger! ((Hugs))

Lisa Pantera said...

My daughter is a little younger than Katy and 7 months post-transplant. Approximately 10 weeks after transplant we were admitted with a 3A/B rejection that was completely hidden until biopsy. Echo and x-ray were all clear.
My point in sharing this with you is we did the three day in patient steroid burst via IV and then followed with high doses of prednisone at home for two weeks. The next biopsy showed a 1A.
Olivia has had 10 biopsies in the first seven months and half of them have showed some level of rejection that required an at home burst or admission. Last month she was hospitalized with some viral bug of unknown origin that just had to run its course.
Our girls are fighters. I hope for a very speedy recovery to Katy. Hang in there as you are doing everything within your power to keep things normal for her and Patrick!
Heart Hugs,

Ruth said...

I have kept Katy and the rest of you in my prayers ever since we met at the Woolpack (just after it opened in its new location). I am sorry this has happened, and am sending Katy my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Hang in there!

Charlene Boivin said...

My prayers continue for Katy, your family, her Dr's and anyone involved with her care. My you find a peace in knowing that so many people are praying and sending loving thoughts for all of you. Katy is strong like her mama and that's a huge plus for both of you!

Barbara Lavi said...

If strength, bravery & a positive attitude can cure medical issues (& we know they do), you all have a large dose of the above & hopefully it will help carry Katy through. Hopefully she will be back at dance class soon! You are in my thoughts & prayers!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and praying for continued stregth.

Love The McDonaghs