Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I am sorry… I promised to update more often.

Instead I have updated less often.

It’s all good.

We are holding our own.

No news is good news.

But, I have LOTS of pictures…

and some thoughts.

I know its time to blog…

when I get emails from people looking

for the low down on our family.

We are busy…

good, kind of busy.

Busy having celebrating birthdays.

Katy is 5 now! Patrick is 4!

Throw in a Christmas and a couple

colds and yeah… we have been busy.

But, not so busy that we don’t still need your love &

prayers…because our little Rock Star is still waiting the

wait…even she is getting a bit impatient.

She is done with that PICC line and who can blame her. 

So I am here… and I will be playing catch up!