Tuesday, February 12, 2013

THE Call…

[I have started to write our journey to Katy’s new heart and what the last 2 weeks have been like… but its too much.  I have no choice but to break it up.}

February 12th was an pretty ordinary day for our family.  Mike and Katy headed in to Boston for Katy’s Pre Op appointments for her cath that was scheduled for the following day February 13th. I was home with Patrick finishing up some orders and relaxing… the impending Cath was weighing heavy on my heart. 

At around 12pm my phone rang with a Brookline number (Children’s Hospital number)  2 years ago my heart would have skipped a beat today not so much.  Depending where Mike is in the hospital his cell reception is spotty at best.  So I figured he was just calling to check in.  So I casually answered the phone…

Amiee “Hello”

Mike: ”Hey babe, you’re on speaker phone.” I’m still not thinking that  this is strange. 

Dr. Blume: “Hi Amiee” hmm… ok that’s weird.  Still not thinking that this is THE CALL

Katy: “Hi Mama, I’m gonna muffled muffled plant tonight”

Amiee:  “Hey, Baby what did you just say?” kind of beginning to freak out

Katy: Mommy. I am going to get my heart transplant tonight”

Amiee: “GASP!!!!!!!” Can’t breathe pins and needles.

Dr. Blume: “Breathe Mama…Breathe. OK mommy taking you off speaker phone.  You ok Amiee. “

Amiee: “Yes, Yes I am OK” Crying tears of joy.

At this point Mike and Kate were heading back home to gather some items and pick me up.  I called my dad and he was shocked at how calm I was.  I was calm it just felt right…. I was ready.  I knew Katy was ready and she would do great. 

We waited a long time and finally our time has come and we are ready for this part of the journey.

Katy’s Announcement

Monday, February 11, 2013

6 Months All Ready?

Actually it has been over six months since Katy’s last catheterization.  After putting it off until after the holidays, and then Katy was sick when it was scheduled two weeks ago so this Wednesday is the day. 

I dread cath days for many reasons.  Anytime your child is going to be put under anesthesia it is scary.  This time it is especially scary given the fact that Katy had a difficult time during her last time in the Cath Lab and that is still very fresh in my mind.  I know that I can look at Katy and see a vibrant, active, growing ( can you believe it, she is growing!!!) 5 year old.  My sassy, intelligent, artistic girl looks fantastic.  But, and that is a big but… I know that Katy is Katy and her looks are often deceiving and although I try to stay positive we have never received good news from cath results. 

Six months ago the team told us that Katy had 12 months to live with her current heart.  When I do the math, does that mean we only have six months left with this heart.  What happens in six months?  What are our options?  Why is this taking so long? 

As much as I dread the unwanted news… sometimes the unknown is just as scary.  It has been just long enough, that we need to know where we stand.  Because Katy always appears healthy, it will be nice to know exactly what is going on with her heart.  To ensure she is still being treated with the proper medications and dosages. 

We are not expecting to be admitted… just a long day of pre op tomorrow (Tuesday) and then again on (Wednesday) for the Catheterization. 

As always your prayers and good thoughts will be much appreciated.  I will do my best  to update as soon as I can .

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Going to See Santa!

Katy & Patrick were so excited to see Santa this year.   I guess they know that Chippy and Cocoa had been giving good reports since they got these in the mail sent Priority for the North Pole!!


They were happy to see that they were both on Santa’s Nice List.


Those Crazy Elves…

Bubbles and Salsa were promoted this year to head elves.  Bubbles is now the head of the Lego Dept. and Salsa is the head Elf of the Princess Dept. at the North Pole.

Santa sent two very special elves in their place.


Chippy and Cocoa were here to spend December with us and they were just as crazy as Bubbles and Salsa.


Decorating The Christmas Tree


This year after much consideration and a little convincing we decided that it would be best to get a FAKE tree this year.  I know, fake tree, fake presents.  We just felt that it made more sense and would be one less thing for us to have to take care of, and worry about it should we be otherwise busy.  Kathryn and Patrick had a lot of fun decorating it… and loved the multicolored lights. 


Katy’s 5th Birthday Party

December 9 2012

Hard to believe we celebrated our baby girls FIFTH Birthday today… Due to cold and flu season we had a small, traditional party at home, with her friends from school.


Katy’s cake was made by a talented baker from Icing Smiles…  Katy LOVED it.  It was perfect for her everything Minnie theme.




Kids had fun playing pin the bow on Minnie… Music Chairs and Freeze Dance.


I hope all your wishes come true sweet Katy Girl.