Sunday, July 28, 2013


Like everything else we tend to Go Big or Go home… Dealing with our first bout of rejection is no different.  Rejection is never a good thing… however there are various grades of rejection  0 to 3r 0 being the best ZERO rejection and 3R being the worse case of rejection.  Unfortunately Katy’s rejection was graded as acute and severe. 

The basis for that is how badly the heart is damaged from the rejection and although we don’t know the definite answer to that we do know based on her biopsy and echo that  unfortunately damage was done to the heart we just don’t know to what extent and if over time it will be repairable.  

What we do know is that Katy is responding very well to the medicines and the team is very pleased with the direction she is headed.  She is easily could have been headed in a very different direction.  We have already seen an improvement in her heart function.  Which is fabulous news.

When Katy came in on Thursday and throughout the day she was very sick.  Her heart was not squeezing and not working well at all.  For the first time in this journey I really feared she may not survive night… the risk of cardiac arrest was very real. It felt more real than it ever did the entire time we were waiting for her heart transplant. 

Tomorrow Katy will have another Echo and hopefully we will wean her off of the Milrionone and switch her to some oral heart meds.  Some old favorites will be making a comeback at least for a little while, to give the heart some time to heal.  She will be going home on Prednisone so the Roid Rage should continue … lovely.

You know me I am already planning our great escape! Hoping for Tuesday!


Absolutely Everything said...

thinking of you...just got back in town
Kate F

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Barbara Matecko said...

Thoughts and prayers have been with you all since Thursday. God bless and protect you

Sharon W said...

I'm praying for the speedy return of our l'il dancer! Love you Miss Katy!
Ms. Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hoping for good news for our Katy Girl! My heart goes out to all of you during this scary time.

Anonymous said...

Hugs to Katy! Sending lots of good thoughts to your family. Hoping all is going better!

Anonymous said...

How is Katy doing? Hope she is rallying and doing A-OK! Hugs to you and your entire family.