Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Morning…Magical

Ah, I have always loved Christmas Morning! Your living room is transformed into a twinkling magical place.  That any other time would look like a cluttered mess, but on Christmas morning it is nothing but magic…gorgeous, beautiful, take your breath away. 

Christmas with two babes is the above times 10 since you add their smiles, and twinkly eyes and there you have it… magical.




Karin said...

Precious memories! I adore the photo of you running out to discover what Santa left with Katie in your arms! You are right about the magic of Christmas with 2 little ones around. Makes me wish mine were small again and the entire time I scrolled through your post, the song, "Thank God For Kids" by the Statler Brothers, played in my head.

Jenn said...

Adorable Adorable Adorable!!!!! Amiee I love all the pictures of the kids many expressions. It is sooo precious when they are young and they look at everything with amazement!!! I am so glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Maybe next year we will we spending CHristmas all together.