Sunday, April 01, 2007

1st Post... Finally took the plunge

Well after months of reading various blogs... mostly from the scrapshare ladies... I decided I needed my own. I was hesitant for a few reasons:
1. I have tried many times to keep a journal and have FAILED maybe this will be different
2. I don't want all the weirdos knowing every little detail of my life
3. Do people really care all that much about what I have to say

The answers to the above questions:
1. This may be the answer... it might be easier for me to hold myself to even if I just do a blog challenge...
2. I just confessed to being the weirdo that has been reading blogs for the past 6 months.
3. If they don't care they won't read it... I think I will consider this a year long Christmas Letter.

I think it is pretty much impossible for me to back track and try to give a history so its from this point on if I am rambling on and you don't know what I am talking about sorry! Too much baggage to try and bring you up to date. Off to post this on SS. (SS=Scrapshare the board I am on way tooo much its a scrapbooking board and sooo much more)

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Welcome to blogging! I look forward to reading all the interesting news from your year long Christmas letter. LOL!