Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Scrapbook Page!

Well, if you know me you know my favorite hobby and the only one I have really stuck with is Scrap booking! I love all aspects of it...the craftiness, the paper, the PICTURES & the STORIES! Now that Kate is here it is more important then ever that I scrapbook for her. ( at least now I know I have someone to leave them to ; ) ) Anyway, as with everything else life gets in the way and I haven't had time to scrap. I knew with a new baby it would be harder then ever. So for 2008 I vowed to do 1-3 layouts a week! The scrap booking board I frequent, is helping me do that by posting weekly challenges using different sketches and layouts. I'm already behind its week three of the challenge and I am just starting. It just means before Sunday I have to do at least 2 more layouts ideally I would like to do 6 more! So here is my 1st challenge layout. In honor of my pseudo niece Merrie! ( She was the reason I scrapped before I had Kate... I have sooo many pictures of her in my books I thought I would just leave her my albums... I still may leave her some!)

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