Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sorry...It's been so long since my last post!

EEEK!!! I just realized I haven't posted in 11 Days!!! Its been a little crazy here at The Murphy's. I will attempt to catch up to where we are.

I am back to work! Well kind of, I am not back in my classroom yet. I have been working in the baby room which is where Kate is. Before, everyone jumps in and tells me how lucky I am let me tell you I am not! It is very hard to be in the same room as your child, and be expected to take care of 13 other screaming babies. I give the infant teachers a lot of credit its a hard job and I am pretty much miserable. I am trying to stay positive and my boss assures me I am going back to my room. I just hope its soon. I am much better teaching the 4 & 5 year olds. I'm not sure how much more I can take being in Baby Land. For now I am just enjoying being with Kate, and trying not to go CRAZY!! On a more positive note Mike and I were able to finagle our schedules so we are each home with Katie one day a week. I am home on Tuesdays and Mike is home on Fridays. I am very happy with this schedule since I did not want Kathryn in childcare full time.

Kathryn has survived her 1st real cold! With Kate's heart condition we knew her getting a cold could be a bit devasting. She had a pretty bad cold with cough, but came through like a champ. I was terrified that her getting a cold would land us back in Children's...Nope she did great. Mom and Dad are still catching up on the sleep we lost those few nights.

Kathryn has found her voice...we are beginning to hear a lot of coooing and even getting some SMILES!!!! She is an amzing little girl who has certainly made our life complete as well as those around her.

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