Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Loving Auntie Kris!

Well after 10 HOURS of shopping on Black Friday with Kris and Martha, we came back to my house for coffee, and of course to see Kathryn.

Sometimes kids are funny and for whatever reason Kate never wants to go to Krissy...maybe its because she is the only person we have ever trusted to watch Kathryn. So little Miss Smartie Pants associates it with mommy leaving... I don't know but it has been stressful for me since Kris is such an important part of our life. Oh, and that I might like to have a date night with my husband sometime before Kate is 5! Well everytime Kris is over we try little bits and bits well this time SUCCESS!!! She was loving on Auntie Kris! Hugs and cuddles all around. This made Mike and I very happy. (I'm pretty sure it made Krissy's day too)

Ok I guess I can have Patrick now, since Kris is Kathryn's caretaker come that time and I was afraid I would be holding Kathryn while in labor!

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