Sunday, December 28, 2008

Katie or Katy...

...that was the question. Mike and I have contemplated for the past year how we wanted to spell her nick name. We we went with the more common spelling of
K A T I E for the 1st year. We recently decided that we think K A T Y is a more fitting spelling for our Kathryn! I think its cuter... Mike thinks it makes more sense given the spelling we chose for Kathryn. So from this point forward we will go with KATY.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Chirstmas Morning!

Christmas morning at our house was Magical!!! It was our best Christmas EVER! Kathryn was very animated and loved every minute of it. Santa was very good to our little princess, so it took us a few hours to get through all the presents!!! We are so very blessed this Chirstmas!

Kate seeing that Santa ate all thge cookies and left her a note!

What Santa left under the tree!

Santa wraps EVERYTHING even stocking stuffers!
"Daddy, Look What I got!!!!"

A microphone to go with my stage... American Idol here I come!

Sing A Long Stage... A quick Favorite!
Who's that cutie in the mirror?!

Ride on Toy!
Tinkerbelle Cell Phone

"All these presents for me! "

Kate loves puzzles!
Now I can drive!
Daddy makes the BEST Popbead Crowns!

Mommy, is wondering where are we going to put all these toys!

Twas the Night before Christmas...

Daddy read Twas' The Night Before Christmas to us... reading from the same book that was read to me when I was little! Kate really enjoyed listening to Daddy read, and looking at the pretty pictures! I love this Christmas tradition!

Cookies for Santa!

We left chocolate chip cookies for Santa, and 9 carrots for the reindeer! Along with a note! Kate was most interested in stealing Santa's cookies!

Christmas Eve!

This year Mike made homemade raviolis for Christmas Eve dinner! Soooo YUMMY! We had Auntie Corinne, Auntie Kris & Uncle Mindo over for dinner and presents! Kathryn had fun opening all her gifts, and was way to spoiled by Auntie Kris. It was a nice, fun relaxing night. Good food, great company... what more could you ask for?!

Mike rolling out the dough!
Alot of work...but well worth it!

Kathryn opening adorable outfit from Martha & Ed!
Super Soft clothes from Auntie Kris & Uncle Mindo
Pinkalicious Story...we read it last night SUPER CUTE!
Bright Eyed... 1st Cabbage Patch Doll
from Auntie Kris... Mommy was more excited then Kathryn!
Dressy Bessy from Auntie Leslie, Uncle Rick & Merrie!
That is just a glimpse of all the gifts Kate had to open on Christmas eve... it looked like Santa already visited once we were done!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Day!

Today we were hit with our 1st major snow storm of the year!!! We had fun playing in the snow with Kathryn. She loved being pulled in her sled!

A short video clip of Kate sledding!

Happy 1st Birthday Kathryn!

Today is Kathryn's 1st birthday!
Sometimes it's hard to believe its been a year. Other times,
I can't imagine what life was like without her.
It's been an amazing year. Last year at this time, we were filled with so much uncertainty. Especially in regards to her special heart! We thought we would have had 2 open heart surgeries by now... we have had NONE! In all honesty we weren't even sure we would make it to this day!
We did and Kate and her special heart are doing FANTASTIC! We had a cardio check up on Thrursday...her cardiolgist was remembering with us where we were last year at Christmas and where we are today. He is very pleased with how well Kathryn is doing both babywise and heart wise!
So much so he doesn't want to see us for 6MONTHS!!!!!
Kathryn is an amazing little girl. She brings a smile to our face each and every day (multiple times a day) We waited a long time for her, and she is worth every minute. We are blessed to be her parents!
Kathryn December 20, 2007
Kathryn December 20, 2008

Birthday Girl!

Today was Kathryn's official Birth day! Even though we had her party earlier in the month in an effort to keep it from getting lost in the Christmas Madness. Today was still her special day to be celebrated with Mommy & Daddy. ( We plan to do this for her every year... party early in the month and mini celebration on her actual day!) So she woke up to her Birthday Balloon, and Birthday Blueberry muffins! She really seemed to enjoy the muffins! Then it was on to Birthday Presents from Mommy & Daddy! She has quickly learned the concept of unwraping presents.
Her birthday also fell on the 1st major snow storm of the we were snowbound and loving it!