Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Anniversay!

Seven years ago today, I became Mrs. Michael F. Murphy. One of the best days of my life (besides the birth of our children) Seven years doesn't seem like that long some days, others it feels like a lifetime!
Mike and I have been through a lot in 7 years, more then most couples ever experience. 6.5 years of intense infertility. By intense I mean we were actively trying... medical interventions, not just leaving it up to god. Those were some very difficult years. Me & hormone therapy do not work well together... I was difficult to live with. 3 miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy, numerous surgeries.
I often think that if I wasn't married to Mike... I probably wouldn't have had the chance to become a mom. I don't know many men who would have been so kind, caring and understanding, who would have supported me through this hell.
It just goes to show how badly he wanted children for us. Instead of our troubles tearing us a part as they do many couples.
They brought us closer. We have an amazing bond and marriage. He really is my best friend. I know as long as I have him by my side, we can handle anything thrown at us.

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Nicole said...

This was really sweet Amiee!!! I'm so happy for you both, that you did get the chance to become parents. You are very lucky to have such a supportive, loving husband, and Mike is just as lucky to have you!!!!