Monday, October 05, 2009

Working on the back log!

Ok so since I like order... (I said I like it doesn't mean I always know how to have it in all aspects of my life.) Anyway, I can't just pretend that the past four months haven't happend, so I am cheating and back dating my posts until I catch up. So you will need to scroll down a bit to see the newest posts! I hope to be caught up soon...and when I do I will have my very first blog giveaway aka blog candy! So be sure to check back... I promise the giveaway will be worth the it will not be a framed picture of Kathryn & Patrick...although who wouldn't want that!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amiee - this is the Rileys commenting (Tricia). I'm at my parents in Marshfield doing laundry since my machine is broken. No one here has been on facebook since the summer so we were getting back into it. Loved the pictures on your page and this blog is so cute. Hope all is well with you, Michael and the kids. We're going back to NH for a babyshower for Vickey and Sean being given by her mom and sister. I'm going to try to update my page soon- We'll be in touch - Kathleen, Danny, and the rest of the Rileys!