Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are you ready for an update??

I know I have been promising an update for sometime now. I have good intentions, its just that well sometimes LIFE happens!! I told Mike that once the kids went down on Sunday night I was going to Blog, Blog Blog!!! So here I am.

But, I have to tell you, the only way I am going to get caught up is if I cheat! I know I know...I make empty promises and now I am telling you that I am going to cheat. Well I am about 5 months behind and we have been busy those last 5 months. To give you a detailed blog post for everything we have done the last 5 months would take me 5 months. You do remember that I do have two kids under two and I am take these ridiculous accelerated courses every Saturday for 10 hours!!! ( oh, right you don't know that since I haven't blogged about it ;)!)

So my plan is to give a synopsis LOADED with pictures! Then finally post that prize I have been telling you about!! Then to stay current!! Since I really do love blogging and I need some place to write this all done so you know when the kids are 18 and I have time to scrapbook I can remember what the heck was going on!!

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