Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Girl Kate

Kathryn just had her 2 Year Wellness Visit, sometimes its hard to believe that she is two, other times I can’t remember our life without her.

Today’s visit went well, Kathryn is weighing in at a steady 20 lbs…5th percentile, and she is in the 25 percentile for her height! I can’t believe my girl is on the charts!!! WOOHOO!

Maybe these experts know what they are talking about. Everyone told me that by the time Kate was 2 her Preemie status wouldn’t matter and she would be “caught” up. Its amazing since she didn’t walk until she was 17 MONTHS…she is now walking backwards, running and we are working on jumping!

Kathryn is chatting up a storm her newest favorites are

“Love You”

“Thank You”

She is sporting size 12 – 18 months depending on the line or style! Size 4 Shoes!

She loves to eat! Her current favorites are Guacamole, BEEF, Grilled Cheese, Waffles, raspberries, & yogurt!

She is a sassy little girl with a temper just like her mama!

She is a loving sister to Patrick, he loves her right back. When they aren’t fighting over a toy.

She adores her daddy, and thinks he hung the stars! It’s an amazing bond that Mike and Kathryn share.

It’s hard to believe that other then her weight she is a normal toddler.

When I think back to where we expected to be at this point in her life…2 major open heart surgeries, coming up on a third. It boggles my mind…she is such a blessing!

I’m thankful each and everyday for the gift that Kathryn is. She reminds me each day to live and enjoy life.

To take time to enjoy the little things!


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Nicole said...

gorgeous photos of your little girl Amiee!