Thursday, March 04, 2010

I’m still here…

I can’t believe its been almost a month since I last blogged…I mean really.  That’s terrible I want to become this famous blogger have a million plus followers, you know to read about my kids poops or date night with my hubby?!! What that’s not worthy of a million followers? And then I don’t update for a month!  Terrible, I apologize. 

I leave you with some pretty heavy posts one regarding PDD (post partum depression) and Kate’s and her Special heart ( Restrictive Cardiomyopathy) and then I just drop off the blogosphere radar…I mean unless you are addicted to Facebook (as my husband might tell you I am) you might think I have went into a horrible dark place and am hiding from the world, or worse something terrible happened with Kate’s heart. 

Thankfully, I am pleased to say that neither of those things have happened, I am dealing with some of the stressors that sent me to the edge a month ago…notice to the edge, not over the edge.  I will share some of that with you in a bit.  Kate and her funky heart are doing swell!!  As always No news is good news with Miss Katy Girl.

The reason I haven’t updated is not that I have nothing to say, because lets face it I always have something to say.  Its that I have just been busy!!  Murphy Custom Creations has taken off.  I am currently working on another wedding invite order.  Which is very exciting and AWESOME for our family. I have lots of things to list, but I am too busy filling orders to actually list things, which is so very exciting!! I finally feel like my dream is coming true.  I am getting paid to do what I LOVE.  It’s hard to wrap my head around sometimes. If you need invites, announcement or fun party stuff please let me know 20% off for all blog fans!!!

So I am going to try and work on the back log, since my friend Nicole owner of Three Princes on Etsy Has offered an AWESOME giveaway to all my lovely readers.  Check out her Etsy Shop and see if you can guess what she is giving away.

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LaurenMissesYou said...

Well, I love reading about the kids and seeing the pictures!