Monday, March 29, 2010

My kids owe me BIG!

As I am laying in bed not feeling so hot…my wonderful husband is taking care of K & P.

He is in their bedroom changing them into their PJ's…no easy task with two toddlers!!!  You wouldn’t know by looking at him, he makes everything he does look so easy. 

I have boasted about what a wonderful, caring, intelligent husband Mike is, but have I told you what a ROCKSTAR Daddy he is!!! OH MY WORD! My kids are lucky!  I couldn’t have picked a better man to father my children. 

I worried that since Mike was already a father from his previous marriage (more on that some other time…we all make mistakes ;) )

That maybe he only wanted a family with me because I wanted kids.  (Clearly that is not the case…since no man would go through all we went through to conceive a child that he didn’t want 100% I am so thankful that I chose to marry and have a family with Mike, I wonder if I had chosen another man if I would have ever had the opportunity to have my own children. Considering the emotional, financial and long road of infertility we struggled with.  I can’t imagine many men would have supported me.)

I think in some ways Mike’s sees this as a 2nd chance.  Boy is he taking full advantage of it…he is such a fun, caring, kind, loving daddy to both Kathryn and Patrick.

Kate is daddy’s girl all the way.  It is so sweet to watch them interact.  Its an amazing love that they share.  Patrick ADORES his daddy and LOVES to roughhouse, and play trucks, as much as he loves his daddy’s hugs!!   I can’t blame him…Mike’s hugs make everything better!

So yes, my kids owe me big…I picked them a great daddy!!!

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Meg Halter said...

Great pictures Amiee!

Anonymous said...

I love what you wrote about Mike! I know you always felt that but it's nice to see you tell the world. (ok the blog). Left me with a huge lump in my throat! Good job girlie! Love Kris XOXOX