Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day Fun!

I remember celebrating St. Patrick’s day before kids!!! AHHHH… sweet memories!! Ok in all honestly I don’t really remember a lot.

We still love to celebrate our Irish heritage…its just done with green milk now instead of the green beer we have consumed in years past.

This year was exceptionally FANTASTIC.  We were lucky enough to celebrate at The Shannon Door.  For the kids party.

We headed up on Saturday after my class, and stayed with Kathleen and her family!!  Which is always sooo sooo much fun!  We all enjoy spending time with our cousins up North.

Katy and Patrick enjoyed singing and dancing to the fun live music!  Of course the pizza was DELICIOUS as ALWAYS!!!

The Murphy BoysDSC_0079The Murphy Girls DSC_0097Mr. & Mrs. Murphy  DSC_0151 Mammas Boy!DSC_0154


Katy dancing with Mae!!



Patrick & Auntie NoraDSC_0228

Katy GirlDSC_0234


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