Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Day 2 on 8 East!

I was able to get some sleep last night…thank god for Ambien. Katy and Mike slept from about 11-6ish, so that was good. I came up first thing this morning. Kate and Mike are in the playroom. Kate is in a GREAT mood and happy to be wire free…she just has the IV in her arm. It’s hard to believe that her heart is so sick…since she looks so good.

Looks like today will be a day of data collecting, we will be meeting with nutrition, genetics, GI, transplant etc. etc. Luckily, that means not to much needs to be done to Kate. She will need a blood drawer, once we meet with everyone and they all get what they want ordered.

You know me, I just want her home! If any of this can be done out patient that is how I want it done!

I happy to know that Patrick is in good hands today with The DeMarcos. I know he had a fun day with Nana yesterday.

Off to play with my princess!! Keep the prayers coming!!!


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Brynn said...

Continued prayers & of course big (((hugs))) for all of you!