Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy-O

Part 1

Today we celebrated Mike’s Birthday!!! Our birthday celebrations have changed since having babies…but I’m not complaining! I’m just saying they no longer consist of bar hoping in Boston, or impromtu trips to Vegas!  They are now spent at home, with our close family and friends, and most importantly our babes!!  One on each side helping us blow out our candles!!

Mike’s birthday is very close to Father’s day and sometimes he has to share the day…no worries, I do everything I can do make him feel extra special!

This year for his birthday, Mike decided that he wanted Lobsters for dinner… so Clam bake it was… Steamers,Lobsters, Baked Potatoes, Corn on the Cob and the most delicious Sangria!! My 1st time making it and oh, was it yummy!

Sounds lovely, right?!

Well, we are Murphy’s and I am sure you have heard of Murphy’s Law. So here is how our night starts…

Katy is playing outside and trips down the three bottom cement stairs in front of the house… now most kids make that same fall and get a scrape, but are back up in running after a few smootches from mama… Not my Katy Girl…nope when she does it…she does it! Those three little tripped steps cost us a trip to Children’s ER, ( left our house full of people and Lobsters) and 3 stitches on her sweet little forehead. 

UNBELIVEABLE!! However, I found a positive of being a transplant baby now… called Dr. B on the way in and she called ahead so no lines, no waiting in a very crowed ER on a Friday night!  Oh, that and they gave Kate a little meds to relax her before stitching her and it was like she drank two cups of Sangria…she was a HOOT! Singing and smiling for all the nurses! HILARIOUS!

To be Continued...

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Kristi Vega said...

Always a journey, right?!?! I LOVE that perk of being a heart baby! Gabriella always went STRAIGHT into a room and was treated quickly when we would have to go in! Thankfully, that will always be now that she is immuno-suppressed! BUT I hope Katy has NO MORE trips in there to receive that perk!!!!!!