Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day

I’ve shared before what a fabulous husband Mike is.  I know of shared what an amazing dad he is is. Some of you have been lucky enough to see him in action.  The way he talks, comforts, cuddles… ahhh…he was made to be a daddy.  I try not to brag to too much, since I would like to have some mommy friends in this world.  But, I figure in honor of Father’s day is acceptable.

Since before Kathryn was conceived he was amazing through all our fertility treatments, and babies lost.  He is who got me through it…

I don’t think the smile has left his face since Mother’s 2007 when he checked the EPT for me and came back with this. I don’t have a picture since there was no EPT for Patrick…but let me tell you…he was overjoyed when I shared the news that we were pregnant with Baby Murphy #2. 

camera card 6-14-2007-03

When we learned that our sweet baby girl had a special heart… again just as he has always been Mike stepped up to be my Rock.  Of course he was grieving himself, but never showed me.  He picked me up when I would fall apart…and assured me it would all be OK. 

Mike has been loving on Katy Girl since the very 1st night… treating her just like the princess she is….


building her Castles in the sand.


It’s amazing how Mike can go from all things princess to wrestlemania with his little boy.  Patrick ADORES his daddy!  He spends 95% of his day…”Da-da…Da-da…Da” 

Sadly…all Patrick’s baby pics are on my other computer and haven’t been moved to this computer.  So I am stealing pics from my Facebook page!!

Here Mike is right after Patrick’s delivery.  He was amazing during both of our babies births… I truly believe he is the reason I was successful in getting those babies out and fulfilling my wish of not having c-sections.  I couldn’t have done it without him, he gave just the right amount of support.  AMAZING!!!

mike p1

mike p2

Mike, We love you more than you’ll ever know!  Thank you for loving us! We are the three luckiest babes in the world!


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