Sunday, August 08, 2010


This weekend ROCKED! Do you want to know why it rocked? It rocked because to me it felt… dare I say normal. I am done with Saturday classes (until 9/18) and we had NO COMMITMENTS!!! I think this is the first weekend since May when we weren’t scheduled to do something or be somewhere.

You know what we did… NOTHING! I changed from one set of jammies into another. I sipped on yummy cups of coffee…and the occasional Iced Latte when Mike ran out to run errands for me us. Allowing me to keep my commitment to myself that I was going to clean and tidy my scrap space… and CRAFT!

I am happy to report that I did both, all though I didn’t scrapbook… I played with Modge Podge and my Cricut and I made Katy a potty chart and prize box… because yes, we are potty training!



Because that is what normal two and a half year olds do. (Although her high doses of multiple diuretics are proving to make potty training a difficult task)

We Mike made some delicious meals. We cleaned, we decluttered, I had a bubble bath, we read stories, we watched The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. I chatted with friends and family. I lounged… I listed to music and played cards… I knitted. I made the most of our glorious weekend at home.

I am usually not a homebody…there is rarely a day that I don’t leave the house for one reason or another. I can’t tell you when it will happen again (Most likely post transplant when we won’t be able to leave the house) I can tell you it was lovely, and much needed.

Tomorrow it is back to reality… running errands and packing up for our trip up North!


McKay Family said...

Good for you! I got a little done in the scrapbooking department...probably back to sewing next weekend...maybe I'll even crochet again one of these days! I too had an unusual and rare day of not leaving the was delightful!

Christina said...

Cute prize box....I want one! hehe

First time stopping by your blog & your newest follower. Nice to meet you!