Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Stream of consciousness

So I am trying my hand at this method of blogging. Lots of bloggers use this method of writing when they have a lot to say of a bunch of random thoughts. I imagine this is going to more like a glorified facebook status update. Some of these topics I may come back to and write a more in depth blog entry on one or more of these topics. So maybe this is a spring board for future posts, maybe not. But there are so many thoughts, and time sensitive things I want to share.

So Katy’s benefit at the Shannon Door was amazing!!! Jimmy and Kimmy Keys!!! Rocked the House!!! The Mulkern Family and the generous people of Jackson, NH. I renewed my faith in humanity.



My awesome husband graciously ok not so graciously stopped at a few outlets on the way home and I got some super adorable shoes at LL Bean for $4.49. I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow!!

Speaking of tomorrow… I will be taking Katy to her transplant clinic ALONE! Usually Mike and I both go, but it’s not very fair to Patrick and we don’t expect any real decisions to be made. Other than pulling the damn NG tube.

Mike will spend the time unpacking and organizing our house since it looks like a bomb went off… Looking forward to getting everything cleaned and organized before we head back to NH for the Murphy/Mulkern/ Riley invasion of Storyland! CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

Tomorrow evening Make a Wish is coming to plan our trip to Disney. Although the thought of seeing K & P enjoying Disney in such a magical way… the reason they are given this opportunity breaks my heart.

I completed my first year at Bay Path I finished with an A and B…not so happy with the B, but considering the session I had. I am actually pretty impressed with myself. It was a long, hard, emotional session. I am happy its behind me and am looking forward to the time off. Classes start back 9/18/10. Currently I am planning to go back…all of that depends on when Katy’s new ticker arrives.

So, that’s all for now! Let me know what you think about this style of blogging!

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