Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Patrick’s 1st ER Visit


Well it was just a matter of time, and to be honest the way Patrick plays and his fearless ways, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

Let me tell you though, he couldn’t have picked a WORSE time to fall and split his head open.

Mike and I were with Katy at Children’s recovering from her G Tube surgery. 

Patrick was staying with Auntie Kris.

I was “napping” with Katy

Cell phone rings, Mike answers.  I can only hear his side of the convo and it goes something like this:

Mike: Hi, OK… How bad? Really? Is he bleeding a lot? Alright…bring him here.  I’ll  meet you downstairs. OK. Call me when you get here.

Me:  Waking from my  slumber for the is he bleeding A LOT

Mike explains to me that Patrick fell and hit his head and Kris thinks he needs a stitch.  I freaking lost it.  I was overtired, super stressed anyway from just being in the hospital, already missing my baby boy and to have him have his first injury and I wasn’t there to comfort him, just broke my heart. 

Now mind you, if I couldn’t be there… Auntie Krissie was the next best thing, actually thinking about it, she was probably the better choice, considering that the moment I saw BLOOD I would have most likely lost it.

Mike couldn’t understand why I was crying… I really don’t have any explanation other than GUILT… guilt for not being with him.  Not that I think it would have changed it…could have happened just as easily at home. 

Poor Patrick ended up with 5 staples in the back of his head… he was running around Katy’s hospital room within an hour, and flirting with all the nurses. 

I’ll spare you the photos!

Update: 9-8-2010

I am happy to report that Patrick is now staple free!!!

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