Thursday, December 09, 2010

Katy Update Post G Tube Surgery

OK…so first thank you thank you thank you! Because of your prayers and because my daughter is a number 1 ROCKSTAR, oh and maybe her fabulous team of doctors at one of the best hospitals in the world had something to do with it. I am writing this update from the comfort of my own home.

YUP! That’s right Katy girl had SURGERY today and we were in and out of that place in less than 5 hours!! There are days we have clinic and we are in there longer.

Katy’s team today was very confident and her anesthesiologist decided to do things a bit differently and not give her a super duper drug if it was necessary and thankfully it wasn’t and therefore she was in and out! Which of course that makes for a very happy mama ( and daddy)

Katy 20 mins post surgery Katy Girl Craving her chips!!!


I still can’t believe it. Katy’ s Mic Key button looks great! I really just wish she just had the Mic Key placed to begin with, live and learn. So now we just wait and see and hope that this change, the super antibiotics and such that we are working on will rid her of MRSA.

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