Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sometimes, we all need reminders, gentle nudges to help put this into perspective.  Kate is home and on oral antibiotics to take care of what is brewing around that damn tube.  I’m sorry but I never wanted that damn tube, and it has been nothing but a headache since she got it.  Maybe it will be useful one day and I will be singing its praises but for now it is the damn tube.  ( which unfortunately, is how Katy sometimes refers to it as well… there are worse things she could be saying, ask me how I know)

Anyway, back to reminders… last night @ 11pm when I was changing Katy’s late night diaper ( sometimes she requires late night diaper changes, especially on her double diuretic days, especially on those nights I sneak her out of her bed to cuddle, or in this case see the little gift nana picked up for her while we were out shopping you know, the $2 princess compact that she just had to have and threw her very 1st (shopping with daddy) tantrum over.  Daddy held firm and didn’t give in.  So my mom and I went on search to find it at Target…just to see Katy’s sweet smile and hear her say “It’s just the one I wanted” . 

Remind me again where I was going with this… oh yes, so back to the diaper change that soaked through her onesie…which prompted complete pajama changing which gave me a good look at her g tube and I saw the dreaded drainage and redness,and Katy in her most convincing voice telling me “ Mama, my tube, I mean my button looks, good” Which she always says in hopes of me not further investigating or heaven forbid cleaning it.  And, I said Oh, Kate…and called for Mike with tears in my eyes, knowing what I was seeing and knowing that it most definitely meant a trip in to Children’s 1st thing in the morning, you know the morning when we were supposed to bake cookies, and make a last minute trip to Target for more Stocking stuffers, because you can never have enough Stocking Stuffers.

All I could do was hope and pray… that we caught it quick enough that oral antibiotics would be all our girl needed and that they would not admit her.  The thought of another Christmas at Children’s was way more than this mommy ( or daddy) could handle. 

So I waited patiently by the phone for updates from Mike, I rallied our prayer warriors and hoped and prayed for the best.  I bartered with God, that if he let this be simple, and let us have this Christmas at home, I would get out of my funk, stop being a Grinch and embrace the holiday spirit and focus on how very lucky we are.  Even though the one thing I want so badly, will not be under my tree.

It worked.  Katy’s G tube is infected, but we did catch it early. We are back on antibiotics, and Mike and Katy are on their way home.  When they arrive we will go back to our scheduled program of baking, and last minute trips to Target. 

The next couple of days will be busy, I am sure!  But, the good kind of busy.  Visiting with family and friends,  wrapping the last of the gifts, making a gingerbread house, reading fun Christmas stories,  watching K & P’s excitement Christmas morning, making memories!

I doubt I’ll have time to blog before the big day.  So just in case… I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas from me and my crew.

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Karin said...

You're so right about those reminders! We all need them from time to time. I just want you to know htat each and every post and picture you share touches my heart and you are all on my mind, in my heart, in my thoughts, and most especially in my prayers each and every day.