Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Day at The Carnival

The carnival is in town. Katy spotted it while driving down town on Wed. “Mommy!!! Look a MERRRYYYYY GO ROUNDDDD.”

I was instantly transferred back to the Woburn Cinema Parking Lot Age 14 riding the Round Up for the 18th time.

The carnival was creepy then and it was creepy today. It will probably be creepy next year too.

But, we will go again and spend a ridiculous amount of money to ride the rickety Merry Go Round, and lets not forget the $3 ride down the slide, I am almost certain the slides at The Big Slide Park in Arlington are just as fun!



Regardless of the creepy factor We all had a great time.


We all ate an insane amount of sugar.



Then rode the same three rides again!



Creepy or not… we had a blast!

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