Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It’s kind of funny… for someone who HATES cleaning… I mean I despise cleaning. ( complete opposite of my mom, who loves to clean and will often clean my house ; ) )

But, similar to my feelings regarding New Years… spring time is yet another opportunity to clean, reduce, and organize again.

Admittedly, Mike does A LOT around the house. I think that Kate thinks I can’t cook and she is not completely wrong. As our years in this marriage have gone on… my cooking skills have actually gotten worse.

My main chore… the one I own 100% and Mike pretty much refuses to do. Although truth be told he will help me when I get so lost in it.



Clothes Organization… particularly K & P clothing.


Please don’t judge… yes we have a lot of Clothes. 75% of them are hand me downs the we are so very thankful for. The others you can take it up with the Grandma’s my mom, Krissie and Tracy. They love my kids and sometimes find it hard to resist an adorable outfit (or two ). ( I don’t blame them… I ‘m thankful that my kids are loved and spoiled by many.)

So Mike got all the current clothes (4 laundry baskets full, and all the bins from the attic of Spring Summer (some are from last year, because Katy will fit in to them still) (then there are the bins of hand me down clothes both boy and girls)

So it’s a big job and I never know when it is safe to do it…. we have already had 80 degree days and yesterday was 27 degrees so we are going to have to do some layering.

I did it… its done. Now I know why it was a full day event for Kate from Jon & Kate plus 8. I can not imagine.

Still have to make the switch for Mike and I. Which truth be told we will be living out of bins for a few more weeks.

I don’t have any after pictures since it was a mad dash to get them in the drawers and closets…but I can tell you it feels good to have this chore crossed off my list for the next 5 months!

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