Wednesday, May 11, 2011


DISCLAIMER: Huge Mommy brag…borderline OBNOXIOUS Mommy blog.  Please DO NOT READ if you are sensitive to potty training or blogs about POOP! Smile

Patrick is potty trained!

Just like that.  I can’t hardly believe it.  I never would have guessed it would be this easy.  We are officially done with diapers (except bed time). 

My budget is happy!!

I had decided not to push the issue with Patrick until July.  In July he would have been two and a half and that seemed like a good time to start trying.  I never thought that my two year old baby boy, would decide that he was ready to potty train himself one Saturday while I was at school.  I called home to check in as I do every Saturday, and

Mike said “You’ll never guess what I am doing!”

Me “What?!?”

Mike: “Sitting with Patrick, while he tries to poop on the potty!”

Me: “STOP IT!!!!! What do you mean?! How did that happen?”

Mike: “ He wanted Big Boy underwear on.”

My little man has been sporting Big Boy underwear since. Get this… he has only had one accident! ONE!  He holds it, (if we are in line checking out at the grocery store), he is just rocking it… no potty charts, no prize boxes ( he is happy picking a treat from his Easter Candy!)

I shouldn’t be surprised… it’s just who he is.  So laid back and mellow… doing his own thing at his own time. 

DSC_0008   Auntie Krissie, there is his dirty face, again.

So proud of my little man.

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