Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just When We Needed It...

In addition to this blog we have a few other outlets we use to rally support for Katy Girl.  One of them is a Facebook Page Prayers For Katy Murphy which was so kindly set up by a great friend of mine, back when our future seemed so unknown and downright SCARY.

Here we are 10 Months later and our future is still very much unknown but, not as SCARY as it was back then.  We have just been going about our life… still waiting for THE CALL, while driving from play dates, and trips to the zoo, and the weekly Dance Class that KATY LOVES and anticipates in weekly. 

I was reminded of how very long we have been waiting when I got a message from Facebook telling me that the Prayers For Katy Murphy prayer page was going to be archived.  Even Facebook thinks that wait has been to long and that it’s old news. 

It feels like old news… I sometimes feel that it’s been so long, that people have forgotten about it.  Maybe it’s because Katy is doing so well, we aren’t in clinic weekly, and have been without an admission for a long time ( fingers crossed we continue on this path) then I see a Katy Band on a complete stranger or am sent a kind email from someone telling me they added Katy to their churches pray list, or I see another donation made in Katy’s honor to our Children's Hospital Walk and I am reminded that we have so many people praying for us  and especially for Katy each and every day! 

So I took Facebook’s reminder and I rallied… I posted on Katy’s page an update and asking for some activity on her page, and you guys BLEW HER PAGE UP!!! Mike and I both enjoyed reading all your kind words, and it was just the pick me up we needed.  I have been busy printing off the pages to save for Katy. She is a bit young to understand all your prayers or all that has been done for her, I want her to have them when she is older, so she can see how wonderful you all are. 

Katy is getting older and starting to understand more, lately she has been telling people who ask how she is  that she needs a heart transplant.  She doesn’t know what that exactly means but, she knows she takes medicine to keep her heart healthy, and that Children’s is her hospital!   She is amazing!


Thanks for following us on this journey! Thanks for your kind words and prayers. 


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Dirt Road Quilter said...

I'm not much of a Facebooker -odd word:), but I must tell you that Katy can never be forgotten. Just one gaze into those eyes (even just through the photos you share) and you are touched. Not a day goes by that y'all are not in our thoughts and prayers. Katy is a beautiful example of how life should be lived anf all of you are truly inspirational.