Monday, June 13, 2011

Isn’t She Lovely


That was Katy’s dance song.  So fitting.  I am so thankful that Katy had the opportunity to dance in her recital.  She joined the class late in the year, and her dance teacher was so understanding regarding our unique situation and the need for this mama to get her in to the class and in the recital.  Dance class was not only good for Kate it was good for me. 

For me it represented another normal activity for my girl.  Another opportunity for her to do a normal kid  thing.  I wanted the memory of her making friends in dance and trying it out to see if it is something she would like.  Really at  2 & 3 we as parents choose what the kids do as far as activities and play dates and such.  It is our jobs as parents to introduce them to various activities and opportunities to see what they like and enjoy.   

From day one Katy loved dance class.  She couldn’t wait to go back.  So exciting since I was pretty sure my shy girl wouldn’t want to leave my side and I would be doing heel, toe, shuffle, step… right along side her.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The moment Katy walked into the dance studio in her pink tutu she blossomed.  Katy gained independence, and self confidence that I never could have dreamed of, in addition to her social and emotional growth, she made leaps in bounds in her gross motor skills. 

She was so very excited to go on stage and wear her costume, while daddy and mommy sit in the audience.  Again, I was a bit unsure if she would really do it… but she did, and she loved every minute of it.


PS  I will have the video up once Mike can get it edited for me!


LaurenMissesYou said...

She looks like she had a fabulous time! So happy it was a wonderful experience for you and Katy <333

Dirt Road Quilter said...

I canot wait for the video! What a glorious day that must have been. The look of pure joy on Katie's face is just delightful. You have given her a wonderful gift with these dance classes and it sounds like it has done you as much good as it has Katie. Just thrilled at that!