Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Katy Girl Update

Yesterday was a big day for Katy.  She had a Cardiac Cath.  The first one she has had since last year, when the results landed her on the transplant list.

Yesterdays cath brought GREAT news…

NO new damage to her heart or lungs!!! 

I was eerily calm heading into this surgery.  I usually (as you know if you have read any of this blog) a hot mess leading up to Katy’s appointments.  For whatever reason I wasn’t this time. I think I just knew that there was nothing that could be worse than last year! 

It was a long day (15 hours) but we avoided an admission!! Which is always a good day in my book.

Kate was supposed to be first case, but was bumped for a very sick baby from the CICU.  It’s hard to get upset about being bumped when you know the circumstances.  We are just thankful that Kate is well enough to be bumped.

She was handling the delay OK (considering she was probably starving) 

They finally took her back around 11:30 after giving her some loopy juice, Mike walked her back to the Cath Lab.  Once she was settled . Mike and I grabbed a bite to eat and went back to see her at  around 2pm.  Katy was very agitated and was having a difficult time coming out of the anesthesia.   Which was difficult since she needed to lay flat for 5 HOURS.  As a result of her being upset she kept lifting and thrashing her leg, and complaining that her incision was hurting (my boo-boo is hurting) she had disturbed the clot and was bleeding.  I came back from the bathroom as the nurse was calling for the fellow and for anesthesia.  There was a lot of blood (probably looked like more than it really was) They gave her more meds to relax her and they were able to stop the bleeding by applying pressure for about 30 minutes.  After that episode, amazingly Katy was able to lay flat and watch Disney movies for 5 HOURS.  I still can’t believe it.

She then needed to have a chest x ray and then we were released at 9:15pm.

It’s hard to believe that we are quickly approaching the 1 year mark since being listed. 

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.



Dirt Road Quilter said...

Praising God for no new damage! What a trooper your little rock star is! Continued prayers for healing and peace and abundant blessings.

Kerry Leary said...

I'm so happy that there is nothing new to report, that you didn't have to be admitted and that you are able to go home and continue your wait!!!

McKay Family said...

She is an amazing little girl! So glad there is no new damage and that you were all able to go home!! Always in my thoughts and prayers!