Saturday, July 23, 2011

Part Fish

I think K & P are part fish… oh sorry Katy is a mermaid.

Just ask her.

Boston like much of the country is experiencing a HEAT WAVE!!

After the winter we had… I won’t complain… but WOW is it hot.

Thankfully Katy had her cast removed yesterday!!!


So we were really able to splash around in the pool.  We spent all day at Papa’s in the water since that was the only way to beat the 102 heat!!


Have I mentioned that I LOVE PUDDLE JUMPERS!

They didn’t pay me to say that!! 

In my opinion they are without a doubt the best float I have found and trust me I have bought almost every other one on the market.  I first saw them on I loved how confident her daughter seemed in the water!

I also needed a better option than what I had… and it is nearly impossible for me to relax for a second with two active toddlers running near the pool.   Puddle Jumpers ROCK!! I bought ours at Target.

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