Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Christmas that almost wasn’t…

WAS one of our best Christmas’ to date.  Only tied with the Christmas of 1999 the Christmas Mike & I got engaged, and 2007 the year Christmas came 5 days early with the birth of our baby girl.
Christmas eve is all about the build up… the new Christmas jammies… the writing  a note to Santa leaving cookies and milk for the big guy and carrots for Rudolph.  Daddy reads ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas from the same book my dad read to me and my siblings when we were little. It’s all about the traditions.
I know that Christmas is not only about the gifts. However for a family with two little ones Santa has a lot to do with it. There are very few things as wonderful to see then the sparkle in you babes eyes when they see that Santa came and all the fun pretty packages under the tree for the, Thankfully with the help of a lot of elves, Santa was able to ROCK this Christmas.
For Mike and I the best part of this Christmas was both our babies coming down the stairs to find presents under our tree and not in a room at Children’s Hospital.  One Christmas spent at Children’s was enough for us.  We both knew it was a very real possibility, and we would have made the best of it.  It was nice not to have to.
Instead this is what we were greeted with as Katy & Patrick entered the living room…
Then they both went straight for the bikes…
I won’t bore you with the 300 pictures I took over the 3 hours that it took to open presents… but I will say it was awesome!! AWESOME!
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Now the question is where the heck are we going to put all this?!

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