Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Handsome Boy

Three years ago Mike and I were blessed with a healthy baby boy, and the world gained a kind, gentle, loving, caring and funny person.

Patrick is Born 1-19-37

Patrick you were and are a miracle and gift to our family.  An easy going, happy spirited fun little one, that has brought nothing but pure joy to our family.  Your timing was impeccable and I love that you and Katy are so close in age.  You two have an amazing bond and I see it getting stronger and stronger each day.


You gave me a pregnancy I prayed for, no complications.  I was just a normal pregnant lady. 

It's a Boy-1Christmas Decorations 12-10-7

You entered this world on your terms took your sweet time doing it.

Patrick is Born 1-19-5

I love that you are a caring sweet boy, just like your daddy.   You are a definite care taker, a nurturer. 


You have a smile the lights up a room and melts your mama’s heart each and every time.


Thank you little man for completing our family.  For reminding me to stop and laugh and tickle, and enjoy this awesome life. 


I love you to Infinity and Beyond!!!!

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