Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

January Edition

Not too much going on… no news is usually always good news with us.

Katy had an uneventful Christmas vacation… she didn’t really understand what school vacation was she thought that we were going on vacation…like leaving on a jet plane. So she was a bit disappointed when we told her that her vacation was snuggling up and having jammie days and getting to play with all her new toys.  She seemed to think that was a pretty good option. Here she is taking a Cat  Dog nap with Shelby.  Yes, she is standing up and sleeping.



Lots of fun with family!  I love watching them all play.  They get along so well! So awesome!


She had a great cardiac check up… Dr. Blume is very well with how well she is doing.  Fluid Restriction although it is hard on us to ignore her repeated requests for WATER…we can usually distract her enough.

Patrick is doing great, loves school and is getting excited about his 3rd Birthday!! Which like Kathryn’s will be low key to help prevent germs…and they will both have a HUGE bash in the summer. 

Oh and the big news is that it is official we are CRAZY!! They Murphy Family has grown by one


Miss Minnie Murphy



She has stolen all of our hearts and has brought such joy to even Shelby…


Sometimes you just need to do what you need to do…and I felt we needed some happiness. Shelby is a bit big for K & P to handle and I wanted something that K & P could help take care of and walk.  Minnie has been an amazing fit to our crazy family.  I don’t regret it at all, and it is something we wouldn’t be able to do post transplant…no new pets 6-12 months after transplant. 


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