Friday, April 13, 2012


I was reading on a message board that I frequent (much to often) and a thread was started asking the moms

“Will I spend the rest of my life feeling bittersweet about my kid(s) growing up? Do you ever get past the 'it's zooming by too fast' part? “

I could have written that post myself… I didn’t because I know that the answer is NO.  I have watched my mom struggle with missing her babies, as I am sure every other mother does.

I can barely bring myself to watch home videos from when they were younger… it’s no wonder my mom looses her shit watching me and my siblings dancing around our house in our underwear.

Seriously this brings me to tears:

Please excuse my most annoying voice. I really hope I don’t sound like that in real life! HA!

Check back next week for another Flashback Friday Video

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