Monday, June 25, 2012

We have been busy busy busy!

I haven’t had a moment to blog… we have once again been so busy making memories, it’s been hard to find time to document.  June is flying by and July is fast approaching.  July 17th is looming and we are trying not to let it consume us.  We have been discussing it more and more with Katy to prepare her for her sleepover.  It’s hard to prepare myself let alone my four year old.  I know we will just take it day by day. 

Before I move on to the last month in pictures, I once again want to Thank all of you for your love, support and prayers. Thank you to everyone who has sent us gifts from our Amazon wish list that will certainly make our hospital stay a bit easier. As hard as these two years have been, and let me tell you they have been hard.  They have been a learning experience for not only our family , but to many people around us. Kids that don’t know Katy have sent them their beloved My Little Ponies, or have written letters covered in hearts, a special little 8 year old girl who dances at Katy’s studio (we have never met) celebrated her birthday and asked that in lieu of gifts, people bring gift cards for Katy & our family. Mothers who have decided that god forbid something were to happen to their child they would donate, as where before they wouldn’t.  Katy’s journey is not in vain and she is here against so many odds, odds since before her conception.  I am confident a heart will come and Katy will continue to make our lives and everyone who meets her lives a lot brighter!


Katy had another great year of dance at Catch The Funk and her recital was ADORABLE!! She shined on stage and her smile was contagious.




Katy got a new hair do!


Patrick did too…



Beating the heat at Bradley Palmer!


Patrick had a year end celebration at Little Treasures! ADORABLE!


Katy “graduated” from Preschool… she had such an amazing year!! Made wonderful friends, had awesome teachers that weren’t not afraid of her special heart.  It was so scary for us to send her and we never expected that she would be there for the year… and it was the best thing we could have done for her.  Katy has grown in all areas and her confidence has soared. 


Katy’s Wish for a Bounce House Came true and she and her classmates had a fun afternoon of jumping!


and we even cuddled up and watched a movie…


and we were right back at it the next morning…


Nana even came to jump!


Oh. MY. WORD. My legs were tired after jumping for two days straight!!

For Father’s Day we headed to Canobie Lake Park!! We had so much fun!




Michael went on this CRAZY rollercoaster!          


We celebrated Daddy’s Birthday!


It’s been a busy wonderful month!!


jamie long said...

what a couple of cuties! Love the flashlight pics.

Sherry said...

Wow! I have been away from SS for a while and was recently getting reacquainted with the site again when I came across your post. I've been reading a bit of your blog and just wanted you to know that I will be praying for you all. I've got a lot to catch up, but I can see that you all have been through so much. Both of your babies are just beautiful and so big! Just wanted to send some hugs and prayers your way. ~MidniteScrapper in Cali (Sherry)