Saturday, July 14, 2012

Trying to stay positive…

a friend told me I had to keep it together until Sunday and then I was allowed to loose it.  So that is what I am doing, and in the process we are living it up.  We have been so busy that my head is spinning at 1AM when while I write this.  Murphy Custom Creations has had some steady work, and I have been selling off some unwanted craft supplies to help supplement our income, Mike has been working for my dad a bit and we are just at full throttle… trying to get as much done as possible.  And keep a family of 4 running and doing all the normal tasks that need to be done…(like finding and cleaning that god awful smell that is coming from my refrigerator.  So with the help of my amazing husband,


some amazing friends (you know friends that send you for an hour long deep tissue massage because they think you could really use it… that hour was HEAVEN ON EARTH. Thanks D.) and family that is willing to watch your kids so you can organize your house, and then offers you a housekeeper to do the deep clean) WOW! Cousins who travel from all over the country to cuddle my babes and have some quality family time together.


I have so many Thank you cards to write and I promise if I owe you a thank you and I am sure I do… I am really going to work hard to get them in the mail.  Please know that we appreciate every kind thought and prayer you have sent our way…every gift and piece of happy mail that has arrived on our door step.  We could not do this without you and I know that it is what is going to get us through this long and hard and scary leg of this next part of the journey.  I am trying to keep telling myself that getting through this is going to be so hard… but I know the reward will be my sweet girl with a healthy heart growing and thriving and living a whole new life.  Soon enough we will be back to picnics in the park…


and water balloon wars in the driveway


Moments like this one are what is going to get us through.DSC_0903


Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for you.....MORE THAN YOU KNOW!

Anonymous said...

Praying for Katy and her family.
Her photos show how strong she is.
God will see her through this.