Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Fun Day


Welcome Fall… I love Fall.  Fall is my New Year (no I am not Jewish…just must have a teacher schedule forever embedded in my brain)

Fall means new routines, new shoes, new backpacks…oh and how can I forget new school supplies!! Ahhh how I love a fresh new pack of post it notes and new pens… current favorite: Paper Mates Ink Joy. I always seem to miss Spring cleaning so come Fall our house is more than ready for a reset… time to put away all the half packed beach bags… and light some yummy fall candles. 

Fall also means apple picking and I can tell you I am never happier to be a resident of New England than I am in September.  Apple picking is my favorite activity.  I love picking and tasting apples… I love pictures from the apple orchards and apple cider donuts!

We went Apple Picking at Honey Pot Hill  Orchards in Stow MA this weekend with a bunch of families from “ It’s My Heart”


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Anonymous said...

I keep watching for an update for your blog. Praying for several little ones who need new hearts. Katie is one of them!!

Carolyn (in Las Vegas)