Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shannon Door Snoopy Party

At the last minute we thought it would be fun and a much needed day away to spend with our family up at the Shannon Door… it’s a long ride especially when you know you have to drive it back the same day.   Mike and I have done the round trip in one day, but never with the kids. It was OK… I wouldn’t love to do it…but it was well worth it…given the fantastic time that was had by all.  I am not a really great keeper of the secret so Auntie Nora knew we were coming…last time we tried to surprise and told Auntie Kathleen she blew our cover too…. I guess us Irish ladies can’t keep a secret.

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Katy & Patrick just adore their big cousins.  It’s a really wonderful thing to see the big ones interact and take care of the littles…and lets me honest it’s a nice break for Mike and I to just have a break…and some adult talk. 


Santa even sent a helper to drop by and say hello and he brought lots of Snoopy gifts with him. 

It was worth the drive… to get to spend a few hours with some of our favorites.  So very lucky to have them in our life.


and a little video:

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