Wednesday, July 03, 2013

We Can Do It Next Time…

I know it’s a bit of a stretch for a blog title… especially a blog mostly about vacation.  But, we said it a lot this past week, and it is notable because doing it next time was NEVER an option for us for so long.  My way of life has always been go big or go home, I have passed that on to Mike and subsequently to Katy and Patrick.  More importantly in the past we ( Mike and I , because the kids were never the wiser) would squeeze in every memorable experience into whatever it was that we were doing.  Be it going to Storyland, Christmas morning with way too many toys wrapped just right displayed just so, or a trip to the park that was picture perfect every. single. time.


Part of that is who I am… for me the kids birthday will always be a BIG deal and celebrated in a BIG way.  But, a trip to the park, does not need to be an epic documented adventure the way it has been for the last 3 years.

Because for the last three year consciously or subconsciously I feared that “IT” whatever “IT” may be would have been our last…so we had to do it all and we had to do it all with a smile.  No grumpy kids, or parents for that matter… tired or hot no time for that…keep moving must get through the entire park ride every ride you think you might every want to ride…because what if we don’t get a chance to do it… kids scared shitless of Humpty Dumpty…Don’t care WE NEED THAT PICTURE! Every family posses with Humpty Dumpty at Story Land and if we don’t get it this visit we may never get it. 

So this year we didn’t get get that picture with Humpty Dumpty… but we did get this beauty…

Storyland2013 7-3-218

and it’s OK because we all agreed we would be the obligatory picture with Humpty next time. We rode the antique cars first!! Even though they are clearly at the end of the loop…and in the past we never would have bucked the system for sake of time but this time we were going back and fourth like a ping pong ball! Katy and Patrick were leading the way…so much more fun!

Storyland2013 7-3-13Storyland2013 7-3-015

Tea with Cinderella provided some much needed air conditioned relief.  I think we were at Story Land on the hottest day of the year.  So lucky that Cinderella just happened to be at her summer cottage the same week we were there.

Storyland2013 7-3-075Storyland2013 7-3-078Storyland2013 7-3-082

We took that new heart for a spin on a Roller Coaster!! Kate loved it so much we had to ride it twice. 

Storyland2013 7-3-095Storyland2013 7-3-118

We ended the day with ice cream!!  Any Day that ends with ice cream is a good day in their book.

Storyland2013 7-3-173Storyland2013 7-3-180

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