Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dead Laptop

My laptop crashed last week, and when I say crashed.  I mean died in my arms.  I tried to boot it up and it just gave me a sad sad cry that sounded like blurp…blurp…blurp, and all I could type was *************************************************. 

Sent it to the PC  doctor  AKA my dad.  He tried to fit it, sent it to one of his friends and he couldn’t save it either.  It was a sad sad day at the Murphy House.

Luckily, my dad being the PC doctor and all, had a spare laptop to lend me to get me up and running.  I was desperate…it’s really pathetic how dependent I am on my laptop, for school, Murphy Custom Creations, photos, blogging  and yes FACEBOOK…I am addicted.

So… I will be playing catch up here on the blog.  Nothing new!  I will be back dating my posts since I like to stay chronological for the sake of looking back on the blog when I scrapbook. I will try to remember and post a link, in case I forget scroll back a bit, when I post updates.

Speaking of pictures, my dad hasn’t recovered the data AKA ALL MY PICTURES off of my hard drive.  Praying and hoping that he can get everything, since I was not up to date on my photo back ups,  and the thought makes me physically ill.

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Nicole said...

oh Amiee! I feel your pain. I back up on picasa, and then also do cd back ups now when I remember... but at least if it's backed up on a web hosting site, you can get them back.
It is heartbreaking though, and I feel for you.