Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

Tomorrow I will celebrate my third Mother’s day.  Even as I type that I am still overwhelmed with emotions.  I know that I am so blessed to have been blessed with both Kathryn and Patrick.  They are each miracles for completely different reasons. 

As excited I am to spend the day with my amazing husband and adorable children.    (I am really hoping that the weather cooperates and we can continue our tradition of going in town to ride the Swan Boats) I am reminded of what a difficult day, Mother’s Day was for me so many years, and still is for so many women.  Including many of my friends.  As an infertile woman, Mother’s day is the cruelest reminder of everything you aren’t and everything you long to be.  Most days your infertility and perky mamas are not staring  slapping you in the face. On Mother’s day there is NO avoiding it or them.  Short of staying in bed and pulling the covers up over your face.  Which wasn’t always an option for me.  After all I had my own mom to celebrate.  So celebrate I would, or at least try. 

I remember one year we went to Cafe Escadrille for Mother’s day.  The hostess was giving out roses in honor of the day.  She handed me one and I kindly (through gritted teeth) replied, oh no thank you…I’m not a mom. She insisted I take that damn flower.  I took it and promptly threw it in the trash once I was in the parking lot.  Damn perky hostess.  Notice how perky everyone was when I was infertile… kind of like my boobs they were perky back then too, before I carried and nursed two babes :)

So in honor of all of you moms out there, moms to be, moms hoping and praying and swimming in sticky baby dust, moms to precious angel babies, stepmoms, pseudo moms, women that are moms at heart, and yes, even you perky moms…Happy Mother’s day from this very thankful and lucky mama!!!



McKay Family said...

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Second Heart Mom said...

Lovely post and a good reminder for all us moms to remember those who have not been so lucky or blessed.

Nicole said...

I hope you enjoy every second of mother's day!... And are perky all day long, because you deserve to be celebrated today!