Monday, May 24, 2010


This is my blog. This is where I write my personal feelings, and opinions on various topics,share pictures of my family and maybe once I get my Sh*t together, post fun giveaways. I’m not here to please everyone, if you are interested in hearing the day to day happenings of me and my Murphy Clan, you are more than welcome to read, I encourage it.

However, if you are here to nitpick each and every line I write and twist my words, you are not welcome! I don’t write to hurt your feelings, or put you down. If you are that insecure, maybe you should start your own blog. This is not the place for it. My posts are my thoughts and if you are offended, JUST DON’T READ MY BLOG! Its really simple!


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LaurenMissesYou said...

I am trying really hard to figure out why anyone would ever be offended of your blog full of the playful antics and adorable pictures of your children. Regardless, LOVE YOU! Keep posting, I love your updates, makes me feel so much closer to you and your little ones.